Welcome to Politics N Pop


Tom Pappalardo

This site is  about both politics and pop culture. I have personally found these categories to be both fascinating and compelling. At first glance the reader may think that the topics I have chosen to write about are very divergent and dissimilar.  However, hopefully I will be able to show you just  how these two different energies indeed unite, collide and at times feed off each other. Both politics and pop culture consist of powerful forces and powerful ideas that eventually expand to a massive scale.

In real time, politics and pop culture have the power to make our lives better or worse but for very different reasons.  Politics is about the infrastructure of our society. How it is built, expanded and maintained. Pop culture is about populating this infrastructure with stuff that gives us among other things, pleasure, entertainment, laughter and even on occasion meaning. There are a variety of forces that compel me to write about politics and pop culture. On one hand, politics has evolved into a 24/7 horror show that can both fascinate and repulse.

It is tempting to ignore the ugliness of it all as many do but anyone who is seduced by this temptation does so at great peril. When this is done on a large scale it yields enormous power to the most immoral and selfish among us. The current extreme of income inequality is a prime example of what happens when we cede power to the unrighteous and greedy. So if it is unwise to ignore the mind pollution that politics creates,  the solution of dealing with it may be to look for directions and solutions   to potentially  improve things and make the topic more tolerable. For me this happens when I put pen to paper.

My writing is fueled in fair measure by anger and the onslaught of injustice we all feel. This injustice is balanced by my desire to replace it with justice. In turn, this balancing act is tempered by a “we have to laugh to keep from crying attitude”.

On the other hand we have pop culture. As a child  of the 60‘s, pop culture grew in stature as I grew into a man. It  nurtured me through the difficulties of adolescence and young adulthood. Today, I want to both celebrate it when it provides a benefit and  denounce it when it goes terribly wrong. This means you Kardashian family.

So enjoy the ride, I pledge to make these writings as entertaining and meaningful as possible.