tom pappalardo
Tom Pappalardo


I enjoy writing about politics, sports and pop culture. It especially pleases me to make people laugh while giving some insight into a subject of mutual interest.  Growing up in Chicago, I learned the most about politics by reading Mike Royko in the Chicago Sun-times. He was a very funny columnist with lots of savvy and quality insights that permeated his every article and writing.

My lengthiest project was a a screenplay titled: “Sweet Jane”, about an old friend who had gender issues. I also co-wrote a funny sci-fi fantasy children’s book titled”UBA”.On the Blogging front, I have been writing them since 2008 and became a regular blogger for the Huffington Post in 2009. I’m still blogging for them. My first blogs were pretty casual projects about two of my favorite sports teams, the Chicago Bears and Chicago White Sox. For one baseball season I wrote a blog about the Boston Red Sox but found that writing a serious blog about a MLB team that plays 162 games in a season, takes up too much of my foreshortened time.

On the personal front, I have been a meditator since 1987 and a vegetarian since 1989. They kind of go together. On the academic front, I have a BS in Psychology. This wide variety of life experiences has been a big influence when I write about my passion, politics and pop culture. When writing about politics and other topics of passion,  I always look at the my subjects as people first and politicians second. This perspective really throws a unique angle into my writing and helps to   uncover their  motives and behavior.