Tulsi Gabbard Is the Real Future of Hope

The current world of politics has given us many many reasons to feel despair. So when a ray of light comes shining through this darkness we need to soak in those rays. Tulsi Gabbard is the largest ray of light shining these days and that is great news. Tulsi is one of the very few Dem politicians whose purity of purpose survived the trial by intense fire known as the 2016 Presidential Race. The best value of this race for the White House was learning whom the 99% can trust. Very very few passed this test. Tulsi Gabbard and Nina Turner clearly made the grade. Others can be included but these two are beyond question.

Tulsi’s presidential bonafides born of the fire of the 2016 race brings to mind Queen Draupadi born of fire. Draupadi is one of many fascinating figures included in Hindu Legends. Tulsi, a Hindu, has proven herself at least to this writer to be not only a warrior as she was a soldier who served in the Middle East but also someone whose courage extends to putting her commitment to peace above her own political aspirations. Tulsi quit her post as the DNC co-chair even though she was as a fast rising star in the Dem party. She did this because she believed strongly that Bernie was the best candidate for the Dems and this conflicted with what the Dem insiders wanted. She knew she could only be an effective surrogate for Bernie if she quit this post. What she did carried great risk for her political future. To drive the point home of her commitment to her beliefs even at further risk to her career, she recently took a fact finding trip to Syria not sanctioned by the Democratic Party. Then on the next stop of her journey of conscience, she came home and told the unvarnished ugly truth of what is happening in Syria. The truth that has been covered up the feckless media and lying politicians of both parties. This brave lady really has a gift for finding ways to completely tick off the big shots of the Dem Party. Courage like that is a very rare commodity in 21st Century politics.

Her bold actions all resulted in vast amounts of shade thrown her way. However this shade should ultimately get burnt up by the white hot light of truth of what has actually happened in Syria. The truth is that we were lied to by our government that they were supporting moderate rebels because moderate rebels in Syria are a Mid-East fairy tale. We have a better chance of finding the tooth fairy than finding a moderate rebel fighting in Syria. These extremist rebels supported by American resources have made life hell for the everyday folks of Syria. American dollars paid for by American citizens has brought an absolute living hell of many different forms to the innocent citizens of Syria. Tulsi has thrown a boulder into the waters of war that could create waves of peace. Once Americans embrace this truth on a widespread basis Tulsi will be seen as the hero she truly is.

Tulsi as head of a presidential ticket could be quite a galvanizing force to unite those disappointed a woman did not become president this election along with those disappointed Bernie Sanders did not become our president. Tulsi as a strong vibrant leftie stalwart who has proven herself as a real champion of progressive values would be a dynamic shining example of what a woman could bring to being a United States president. There is no doubt that history will look much more favorably toward this type of woman becoming the standard bearer of a woman achieving the greatest possible power on the planet as opposed to the darkness of spirit attached to Hillary as the first women president.

Now for those thinking, what about Bernie for president in 2020, there has been some rumors going around that Tulsi run as prez and Bernie run as VP. That plan has merit but I can’t help but wonder if Bernie should not be given more real power as Secretary of State for example. In fact a cabinet that included Bernie as SOS and Liz Warren as Secretary of the Treasury should be a major ulcer inducing combo for our over indulged fat cat group of oligarchs. We could even go for a female trifecta with Tulsi as prez, Warren as Secretary of the Treasury and another woman as Secretary of Defense. This sounds like fun times to me. It would be delightful for a fearless pragmatic woman to take a nice sharp pencil to our bloated military budget. That would be a whole lotta female power in positions of big time power fighting the good fight.

Now back to reality, as fear and anger is rampant among American citizens regarding American politics, racism and the bleak prospects of prosperity for middle and working class Americans. For those yearning for a reason to hope that the future holds some promise somewhere for the common folk of our country Tulsi Gabbard is a great place to start.