Hidden Currents and Hillary Weaknesses Revealed

The Democratic Iowa Caucus and now the latest Dem Debate are emulating the Mississippi River that runs along the border of Iowa. The Great Mississippi is legendary for its hidden powerful currents. The Iowa Caucus and the debate held in New Hampshire have revealed hidden powerful currents in the race to nominate a Democrat to run for president.

A current with lots of momentum surfaced in Iowa when Hillary declared herself a winner before anyone else did. Another sign of desperation exhibited by Team Hillary. Misssteps like this keep popping up all over. The hidden reveal is to look for more mistakes born of desperation by them. Additional proof of their panic was revealed yesterday when Nolan Dalla posted online a detailed account of a push poll call he received from Hillary’s campaign in Nevada. Push polls are dirty business even in politics. Another sign of desperation was in the latest debate. Hillary seemed to be trying to bait Bernie into getting angry and calling her a liar in front of millions of people. When she accused him of using an “artful smear” this drew boos from the crowd. She committed another blunder in Iowa when she declared herself a winner before anyone else did. Even her backers in the corporate media like Andrea Mitchell had to criticize her under pain of completely revoking their cred as journalists. One reason she might have jumped the gun is that it was part of a play by the DNC to steal a win from Bernie. There is talk that the DNC rushed a win decision and that Bernie might have actually won. More evidence of this is still trickling out. The withholding of raw numbers by the Iowa DNC lends credence to this suspicion. Either way it smells like more sneaky desperate moves by HRC. These mistakes are getting piled on top of others which include her recent mean scream of declaring we will never ever get single payer and having her daughter Chelsea lie straight faced that Bernie wants to take away all the benefits of Obamacare. Bernie has the momentum and she is often reaching in order to stem the tide. So look for more errors in judgment by Hillary and her team. They made many in 2008 and are on their way to keeping their batting average up this season as well.

This undercurrent also belies an even more disturbing undercurrent about Hillary. This would be the increasing amount of evidence that she often panics under pressure. In the 2008 and now 2016 primary seasons, Hillary has consistently resorted to extreme measures when she felt her back to the wall. Perhaps the pressure of great expectations shoves her into the panic zone. Her go nuclear or go home approach when applied to foreign policy could lead us into another full blown disastrous war. The next president has to deal with a Putin lusting for expansion and ISIS being filled with blood lust. We need a cool hand Commander In Chief on deck to maneuver these choppy waters. Hillary may be tough but so have been many military leaders who have made crazy bad decisions. Custer for one comes to mind. Evidence that this is not idle speculation is that she is all for a no fly zone in Syria, as a response to Russian presence in Syria. Nothing says war like a no fly zone. More evidence that she is not good at matching an appropriate tactic to achieving a goal is her use of the Karl Rovian technique of attacking an opponent’s strength by trying to portray Bernie as unethical. The only ones buying that nonsense are over the top Hillary supporters. These kind of below the belt moves also include using voter suppression tactics against Obama in both Iowa and Nevada in 2008. Resorting to voter suppression is about as desperate in politics as it gets.

Is this really the kind of president we want making complicated decisions? Presidents make tough entangled pressure packed decisions that potentially have enormous long term effects for our nation and the world? The smart play under pressure seems rarely if ever her play. Remember she was all for regime change in Iraq and Libya which has led to an expansion of terrorism and the creation of ISIS. In these critical moments, it does not appear she is using a penetrating intellect or embracing the wisdom of looking at the big picture. Regardless of her “experience” everyone should think twice about her capacity to make incisive decisions at least when the clock is ticking.

The most powerful current revealed was the turnout Bernie got in Iowa. Two groups that have recently been apathetic toward Democrats, millennials and the white working class voters came out in strong numbers for Bernie. Polls also show that white working class voters are supporting Bernie in New Hampshire where he has a big lead. These are part of the anti-establishment voters that Bernie is working hard to attract in order to create his political revolution. There is speculation that the anti-establishment Iowa numbers would have been higher if there had been both more debates. However, when you juxtapose the Iowa numbers with the latest Quinnipiac national poll that shows Bernie jumped 29 points to now be only 2 points behind Hillary, it is obvious Bernie is surging. This poll shows Hillary at 45% and Bernie at 42%. Everyone knew of the enormous enthusiasm a voluminous number of voters feel for Bernie. Now he has strong turnout numbers ready to vote against an expected political juggernaut. That this is being done without any Super PAC money and the DNC favoring HRC is extraordinary.

It seems quite possible that Hillary’s inclination to extreme responses is attributable to the onslaught of cruel unjust attacks she received as the First Lady. What they did to her was an offense to all that is human and just and right. Like Hillary, we all develop defense mechanisms to protect our vulnerabilities. However it would be another victory for the predators on the right to elect someone to the presidency who learned to survive in politics by mirroring their brutal scorched earth approach to gaining power.