Millennials Need to Bring the Turnout Heat & Embarrass the Media

As we inch closer to the Iowa Caucus, its time for millennials to use their youthful energy and willpower to make chumps out of the media. The majority of our “learned pundits” just do not believe millennials are going to step to the plate and take over this election. Very many of these political “seers” do not see young people voting in big numbers for our cranky yet lovable Vermont visionary. They also did not see them voting for Obama in 2008. These are the same media creatures who ripped into the electorate and Democratic Party for low turnouts in the last two midterms. The same liberals that know that low voter turnout has crippled our democracy. They know that Republicans have encouraged cynicism among voters to discourage voter turnout. They also know that by getting on TV saying young people will not turnout in big numbers could easily play a role in keeping the turnout down. It is not a coincidence that this prediction will buttress their other prediction that Hillary will win. This is a quintessential cover you butt move.

However, this rigidness is about as predictable as saying the Sun is going to rise in the east. The history of American politics shows once pundits predict a winner they rarely if ever admit they were wrong. Once that line is crossed facts, evidence, changing tides etc has little to no effect. Those paid for their considered opinion on politics are going to dig in and use their intelligence and imagination to come up with as many reasons as possible to justify their “expert” prediction. So these media creatures are just being human but their human weakness could contribute to cheating Americans out of a an opportunity to free themselves from the shackles of income inequality.

Robert Reich and Alan Grayson are on record with the opinion that the best we can hope for if HRC is president is that things will not get worse. However, if Bernie is elected we have real hope to fix the mess we call America. For what its worth millenials, I believe in you but more importantly so does Bernie. There is a force in the air and it has the feeling of inevitability. Its time for millenials to take action and emulate those super heroes many of us love to see in the movies. What would the Avengers do? What would Batman do? They would fight to the bitter end and vote their conscious. That’s what they would do! Its time for the ordinary to do the extraordinary and change the status quo that is crushing so many lives. It does not take any super powers to vote just some willpower. Just imagine the rush to be gotten from feeling real power in numbers. It got Obama elected in 2008. It can work for Bernie in 2016. Just imagine the pleasure you could also feel by wiping the smug smiles off the faces of the media experts who said the you, the young people of this country wont be up to the task of fighting for your rights.