Neither Hillary Clinton nor Trump Will Be the Next US President

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump will become the next president of the United States. It would be wise to repeat that to yourself many times so that you can fully embrace this because this statement is true. Certainly the part about Trump will be quite the relief for most Americans. Back in September here on on an article title “Does Anger Rule the 2016 Presidential Election” it was written “Whether Bernie or Trump can win the nomination of the two major parties is far from decided.

However, of the nominated candidates, whomever learns how to best address this anger and is most believable in how to fix what is causing this anger, is very likely going to be our next president.” Eight months later that statement is holding up quite well. Trump has secured the Republican nomination by lying about how he will assuage voter anger. Then we have Bernie who has told the truth to reassure voters if he is elected they are not going to continue to get abused by their federal government. It may not be obvious to many but Bernie is poised to make one of the biggest upsets in political history.

Hillary’s email problems are finally looming large. There have been some interesting leaks regarding Hillary’s email fiasco based on the interviews of HRC’s closest aides as Secretary of State. CNN who is all in for HRC put out some fluff about how there was not intent on HRC’s part to commit a crime based on these interviews. Not surprisingly the MSM has not pushed back on this misleading take of these interviews. The not surprising exception to this is Fox News. Judge Napolitano a conservative ex-judge current Fox contributor rightly pointed out on that the leak is “nonsense from U.S. officials the feds have found no intent to commit espionage on the part of Mrs. Clinton. The government need not prove intent for either espionage or for lying to federal agents. And it prosecutes both crimes very vigorously.” The judge’s belief is that this narrative is nonsense gets backed up by none other than FBI Director James Comey. Comey has stated this is not a security review but an investigation. Thats as solid a backup as anyone can get on the HRC emails fiasco. Judge Napolitano is an interesting player in all this. He is conservative and a contributor to Fox News. Yet Jon Stewart often had the judge on his old “Daily Show.” It was evident that he had an affection for and respect for Judge Naplitano even though Stewart and the judge are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Jon Stewart has been compared to Walter Cronkite as the most trusted man of his time covering politics. With this in mind the judge’s words should not be taken lightly.

Getting back to Hillary the most obvious reason for her and Trump to go down in flames is that millions upon millions of the American people do not like or trust these two raging egotists. Then combine this with the fact that many of these same millions of Americans have also decided to take their democracy back and this is quite problematic for these two candidates. This is really both barrels of the shotgun for HRC and The Donald. The accurate perception that establishment candidates are bad for working and middle class citizens as well as the US democracy in its entirety has taken root in American politics. This widespread belief is not going away anytime soon. Hillary as the only establishment candidate left standing leaves her quite vulnerable to losing as establishment is not at all in fashion this political season. The other part of this surge in political activism will be high levels of voter turnout This always hurts Republicans but there will also be many apolitical citizens that are ready to get their apolitical butts into a voting booth so they can vote against Trump.

As far as HRC goes her not only are the political times going against her but many of her poor choices are working very much against her. Her attempts to assuage voter anger the key to winning this election have been at best half-hearted. Her latest tactic is to appeal to Bush donors. A very wealthy Cruz donor has jumped on the bandwagon and started to pour millions into her campaign. This Team HRC tactic coupled with her unwillingness to adopt any Bernie initiatives onto the Dem platform is her giving a big middle finger to progressives. This is no doubt happening because this type of circle jerk move is all politicians know when trapped deep inside the beltway bubble mind set. However, this is really bad politics on her part when millions upon millions of citizens with progressive values are highly motivated to vote in this election.

Now we get to the piece de resistance in regards to Hillary and why she will not make it to the general election. She really lost this nomination eight days before she took office as Secretary of State. That is when she and Bill created an email server in their home. She would use this server for all of her email exchanges for all of her work as Secretary of State. The creation of this server has rightfully been called the “original sin” of her email scandal. The very existence of this server and her use of it was Hillary Rodham Clinton, former First Lady, former Senator and former Secretary of State breaking an important national security law. This was also a seemingly clever certainly bold attempt on her part to circumvent the transparency of the Freedom of Information Act. Ironically, if not for the tragic attack on Benghazi she could have gotten away with it. It needs to be noted that every government employee that received an email from her about government business knowing it was not a US government protected email enabled this broach of security. That means everyone who worked out of the West Wing, every Senator, every congressman and woman, every government employee who could and should have brought this to the attention to their superiors further enabled Hillary feeling she is above the law. President Obama has stated publicly he did not know about her private server. An anonymous FBI agent has confirmed in a published report that not informing her superior, President Obama, about her using a private server for her government business was breaking a law that could get her ten years in prison. If she had broached this subject with Obama, it is quite certain his response would have been along the lines of fuggedaboutit.

The hacker “Guccifer” who has recently been extradited to the US from a prison in Romania has stated it was easy to hack her server. There is a news article out in the European Union Times revealing that some of her “beyond top secret” emails were used in court against a Ukrainian pilot accused of sabotage. Judge Napolitano also weighed in on the under the radar debate happening in Russia regarding Hillary’s emails. On one side we have the Russian intelligence community on the other side the Russian Foreign Ministry. Russian intelligence does not want the world to know how they got these 20,000 Hillary emails. The options are from Guccifer, on their own or a combo special. The Foreign Ministry is all for the release of her emails because Putin wants Trump to win. Just when you thought this crazy election could not get any crazier the Russians add their two cents. Then there is the matter of how HRC’s emails may have exposed some spies including the extremely vulnerable NOC agents. This whole convoluted mess was a very slippery slope of potential and actual national security breaches. Given all this and more, if the DOJ does not indict Hillary, there is no way Obama can control leaks from the FBI after their heads have exploded about these emails and their probable breaches of national security. It is plausible that Daniel Snyder could agree to trade 20 years of first round NFL picks for QB busts like RG3 and still this Hillary email disaster would make the DC intel community a 1000 times madder than that. If Obama is foolish enough to try and put a lid on this, it will lead to a volcano of leaks erupting from the hotbed of our nation’s capital. It does not make any sense that Obama will ever remotely put himself on the line for Hillary. It appears he barely tolerates the Clintons let alone like them. Regardless of the overwhelming denial that Hillary supporters are living through, their candidate does not get to the general election. HA Goodman has enumerated many compelling reasons why an indictment will be forthcoming for HRC.

Now onto to Trump. He is never going to become president because Trump has made way too many people very angry when they were already angry. Trump always has been a loser from jump street in the race to become president. He has insulted and angered women who make up 51% of the population. In 2012 the RNC determined it needs 40% of the Latino vote to win the presidency in 2016. This voting bloc is 18% of the population and has 28.5 million eligible voters. Fast forward to 2016, the extreme anger generated by Trump in the Hispanic community can be readily seen in the violent protests in California outside his rallies in Latino communities. The African-American community makes up 12% of the population. With Trump blatantly appealing to racists, African-Americans get Trump is not on their side. There is another 1% of the population who are Muslim, a group Trump wants to keep from entering the country. Add them all together and you have a vast majority of 31% of the population based on race who most definitely do not want him to be president. Put this in conjunction with the 51% of the gender population that Trump continually insults with little if any provocation and the numbers just do not add up for The Donald. However, Trump’s presence in a general election could easily turn out to be good for our democracy because many who normally do not vote will make it a point to vote against him. Trump is quite the motivator for democracy in this regard. The only one he has a chance to beat is Hillary because they both have unusually high unfavorability ratings for presidential candidates. In fact they have the two highest unfavorability ratings of all time for presidential candidates. Many millions of Americans see that HRC is a corrupt cog in a corrupt system. Given that blatant and rampant political corruption is at the root of voter anger, she was always playing a losing game. To his credit the obnoxious Trump understood addressing voter anger was his key to a victory. In the possible unholy matchup between HRC and Trump, some anger could turn into lethargy keeping some previously motivated voters home, others will vote Green Party while others while will jump at chance to vote against her. Hillary in the general gives Trump about a 50/50 shot at winning. It would be helpful if the Hillary supporters accepted the fact that Bernie has the best chance to beat Trump. This will not matter in the long run because Hillary is not going to be the next Democratic nominee for president.

Next and very soon will publish an article about why Bernie Sanders will become the next president of the United States.