Obama Has Won the First Delegate Battle But Will Lose the War to Bernie

It is very likely there is a compelling political reason for the FBI’s delay to issuing a richly deserved indictment for Hillary Clinton. It’s all about the delegate count. Obama has said he will not stop the FBI from their investigation in HRC’s email server for political reason. However, he did not say he would not delay it. The most likely reason to delay an indictment is to make sure Bernie Sanders does not accumulate enough delegates to win the nomination outright before the Democratic convention or have enough to win it with delegates pledged and superdelegates at the convention. This should motivate those Feeling the Bern to show their power at the voting polls on June 7th. Anyone who wants the DC elite to feel their sting and show who really has the power in our country should not miss this opportunity. This is a great chance to make the statement that this type of manipulation is NOT at all acceptable. The best way to get this message across is to vote this Tuesday if your state has a primary.

Bernie’s delegate situation stacks up like this, Bernie has 1501 pledged delegates and 46 super delegates committed to him for a total of 1547 delegates. There are 754 to be pledged delegates available. There are 137 superdelegates available. 2382 delegates are needed to win the Dem nomination. If on Monday the FBI were to issue an indictment for Hillary then theoretically Bernie could get 835 of the 891 pledged delegates and superdelegates available to win the nomination in the first round at the convention.

The reason this will not happen is that Hillary has not been interviewed yet and no indictment will be issued before the FBI interviews her. They technically could issue an indictment before this interview but this is highly unlikely. So Obama and his Dem pals have successfully stymied Bernie from winning the nomination in the first round by slow-walking the FBI investigation. Perhaps this is also why the Democratic insiders were fighting so hard and dirty for delegates in the Nevada Caucus. This may be effective politics but it is very bad governing for what is supposed to be a democracy. A high standard of democracy demands informed citizens. They are not even remotely informed if they believe Hillary is not likely to be indicted. Not only has Obama subverted a high standard for democracy in the 2016 election process, he has also effectively kept the entire intelligence community in high anxiety mode by delaying this indictment. Everyone should read the public statement made to President Obama by 17 intelligence officers with over 400 years of experience. They are part of an organization called VIPS which stands for Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. Among their ranks are Ray McGovern and Scott Ritter. According to them the FBI and DOJ have more than enough information to issue a preliminary report summarizing what they have found. They state that based on public information they know national security has been compromised by HRC’s home server. They are certain this investigation has been slow-walked by President Obama. Keep in mind these intelligence veterans know intelligence procedures and active officers in the FBI so their claim of a slow-walk is more than speculation. They are pleading with the president to release information on this matter that needs to be known by every citizen as soon as possible.

It’s pretty damn cynical of President Obama to manipulate a process that keeps absolutely vital information from voters before they vote. Obama’s people have decided anybody but Bernie will put Obama’s legacy in the best possible light. No doubt because if elected Bernie will back up his promises to change corruption in US politics. This would be the opposite of Obama who backed off his promises of dramatic changes in how business is conducted in our government. Instead he adhered to existing practices of the Democratic establishment who have the backs of the corporations and big money but not the common people of our country. Obama did many good things as president but he did not do anything of substance to change the corruption in our government.

All those people that are stroking Obama’s ego to make him feel that his legacy is more important than giving Bernie a clean shot to win the presidency are doing our country a grave injustice. Presumably the leader of the pack in this regard is his close confidant, Valerie Jarrett. It appears she is playing the same role at the end of Obama presidency that Rahm Emanuel did at the beginning of Obama’s presidency. She like Rahm is spear-heading an onslaught of bad advice given for the absolute wrong reasons. After Obama promised “Change We Can Believe In” Rahm pushed Obama hard into embracing the role of Democratic corporatist. Given that the billionaire Penny Pritzer was the person who got Obama started into big time politics this should probably not have been as much of a surprise. She is his current Secretary of Commerce and introduced Obama to Robert Rubin. Later Obama appointed two of his acolytes Tim Gheitner and Larry Summers to take charge of his economic policies. Greg Palast has all the grimy details of Obama’s connections to the 1% in his rise to power. That gets us back to his Chief of Staff, Rahm. This Clinton trained politician convinced Obama the best way to get the ACA passed was to get Big Pharma on his side. To get the backing of Big Pharma he allowed them to continue to gouge American citizens with the highest drug prices in the world. Their deal sent shock waves of delusion throughout the country to those that bought into Obama’s promise of big changes on behalf of Main Street America. This blunder among other mistakes ultimately led to an extraordinarily obstructionist Republican run Senate and House. Obama’s legacy as the first African-American president is important but not anywhere near as important as his old and current staff believe it is. Valerie Jarrett appears to be the one leading the charge for Obama to make as his top priority his legacy. This bad advice like Rahm’s bad advice will only come back to haunt Obama. It is also wrong wrong wrong to do this to American citizens. The electorate is very fed up with this type of ego based politics and is angry enough to completely change the face of American politics regardless of what Obama does or does not do.

In the end Bernie will get the Dem nomination or run as a 3rd party candidate. Either way Bernie wins the presidency and America wins a shot to be free of rampant political corruption. Hillary will be indicted and that will kill her run for president. The Dems will most certainly try to squeeze Bernie out with Biden or Kerry but the electorate has woken up like a sleeping giant with a very bad attitude. They have absolutely no tolerance for this type of condescending gamesmanship at their expense. The majority of the American people are demanding the next president be someone who is not part of the existing political establishment. Their is absolutely no reason for any one among the working and middle-class to trust any establishment politician. The vast majority of voters are way too angry and determined to accept anything less than a candidate they trust. They have that candidate. They love that candidate. They are working hard to get that candidate elected. Bernie has earned that trust by being consistent in his beliefs over a 40 year period in politics. The question is, does the Democratic Party want to emasculate itself or join the parade behind Bernie. Once the Democratic establishment players get the memo that HRC or her ilk will not be around to keep the fires burning brightly for the current out of control version of pay to play politics, they will see something that should ease their pain. Once their selfish little hearts accept the reality that Bernie Sanders as the Dem nominee should and will beat Trump by at least 10-15% or more, their too bad so sad moment should fade out. Bernie with a near historic landslide victory could easily bring back the Senate to the Dems. Given that every single House seat is up for re-election, it is not inconceivable that the House is in play as well. Even the gerrymandered districts have working and middles class voters who have not voted in the past that could change the expected outcomes of House seat elections. Bernie’s presence on the Dem ticket at the very least could set up the Dems winning the House in 2018. What would close this deal would be for Bernie to get some judges in the Supreme Court who will over turn decisions that have enabled the gerrymandering of districts.

This should all happen because our stubborn leftie via Brooklyn and Vermont whose politics is rooted in the 1960‘s will NOT renege on his promises like Obama did in 2008. Bernie as president will continue to invigorate his populist movement and make it even stronger than it is now. As far as Democratic establishment types go, nothing appeals to a politician more than maintaining their political survival and the possibility of gaining more power. The medicine may be bitter for establishment Democrats to swallow but it is that or see the new most powerful movement in American politics shift from voting Democrat to a third party. This is an historic time in American politics. Bernie is going to lead this change and many of us are going to enjoy the ride.